Popular Summer Hairstyles

Candice Howe, Reporter

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Summer 16 was filled with many new trends including resurfacing hairstyles. Women and girls have made a trend with some of these hairstyles shown below. Many are getting a short cut, straight-back braids, a bob, going natural, and finally getting box braids (pictures of the styles in order).

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Women with the fierce look of a short cut come off as something new and daring. Straight-back braids gives a relaxed look, and saves a lot of time in mornings. This look is achieved with some “braiding hair” which can found at a local hair store and gel gives them the shine. Next on the list is the bob, getting its name because of the short nature as opposed to long hair, which can be a hassle. Some women wanted to stop using heat in their hair altogether, so they went natural. Natural meaning they let their hair grow in its natural state without adding any harmful products in it creating a full curly look. Lastly, box braids are making a comeback. This hairstyle is mainly used as a protective hairstyle so that the hair can grow. This hairstyle is quick and has hundreds of styles if one doesn’t want to wear them straight down.

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Popular Summer Hairstyles